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Below is an interesting and informative video on how to change your immersion. I have given you a link to the author’s website as it is nothing to do with me, but from what I have seen this chap is a good plumber and has some very good plumbing advice that will be helpful to a lot of people.

You will see that I have also included several other links to this plumber on my ‘plumbing advice’ menu and will include others videos as and when.

I hope you enjoy all my plumbing advice articles, but remember that it is not worth doing the job yourself unless you are both competent and confident. Dealing with water can be very hazardous so don’t take any chances. A flooded house will cost you a lot more than a plumber! Do also remember to ask your plumber if you can see his public liability insurance and if he doesn’t have any then don’t use him… if he has an accident you could be flooded or even burnt down.

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How to change your immersion